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A friend recently linked me to a ScrewAttack video entitled The Top 10+2 Catchiest Video Game Theme Songs.  As a video game music aficionado I enjoyed it, and I’ve listened to enough video game music that the themes didn’t stick too badly in my head.  That is until ScrewAttack made it to number one…

On June 30, 2009, this theme latched itself onto my brain and never let go.  This song tormented so many people months after they first saw the opening screen for Battlefield Heroes.  The whistling, the orchestral parts, all of it blends together to burn it into your brain for hours on end.  From that point it seems to just follow you wherever it wants.  When you’re in an interview, you’ll hear the whistles.   When you’re trying to give a presentation you’ll hear the beat.  Kudos to EA Digital Illusions CE for making one of those themes that’s so addictive you can do just about anything to it: March, dance, or just tap your foot.  I wouldn’t mind seeing this in Dance Dance Revolution one of these days.

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    Curtis Takaichi

    When I was playing this game, my roommate would sometimes walk into my room, talk to me for a few minutes and leave whistling the theme song. It really is one of those songs that burns itself into your brain, and you’ll be thinking about it at the most inappropriate times.

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    Jamie Obeso

    It’s a cool song, but I really doubt I’d call this the catchiest theme song in video games.

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    Michael Carusi

    To be fair, I might be biased because I was trying to write an essay on Socrates while this was stuck on my head. Trust me, that was painful. :P

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